Over 4,000 San Diego COVID Vaccinations Given To People Who Don't Live Here

Frustration among some San Diego residents is rising as it was revealed that thousands of people who have been vaccinated in the county don't actually live here.

A recent investigation by NBC7 found that 23,249 people who have received both doses of the COVID-19 vaccine in San Diego County live outside of the county's jurisdiction.

Vaccination figures that were released on Wednesday, February 24, showed that people living outside of the county made up 4% of fully vaccinated individuals in San Diego County.

San Diego County officials told NBC7 that a majority of those "out of jurisdiction" vaccines have been given to people who work in San Diego County but don't live here.

During Wednesday's COVID-19 news briefing, County Supervisor Chair Nathan Fletcher said that the county doesn't think it's a problem.

"If individual works here every single day and they can get the vaccine, then that is OK," said Fletcher. "We think the overwhelming majority of a really tiny percentage of the total [vaccines] are going to people that are outside the county because they are [working] here."

After looking into the state's official COVID-19 website, NBC7 found that residency is not a factor when it comes to getting the COVID-19 vaccine in California.

Photo: Getty Images

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