Eligible Californians May Receive Up To $1,100 In Stimulus Payments

Photo: Getty Images

The California Franchise Tax Board confirmed that the second round of state stimulus checks will be distributed on Friday, September 17.

The tax board said they estimate 2 million checks will hit bank accounts via direct deposit, according to Yahoo! Finance.

Many residents will receive an extra $500 or $600, depending on income and the number of dependents they claim.

Those who do not claim dependents and did also not receive the Stimulus I payment could be seeing upwards of $1,100 on their Stimulus II checks.

About two-thirds of Californians are eligible for the Golden State Stimulus. The tax board said 9 million tax returns qualify for the state stimulus payments. More people will likely become eligible as they are expecting to receive more tax returns by the October 15 deadline.

For more information on eligibility for the Golden State Stimulus II, click here.

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