Historic Church Becomes San Diego’s Newest Brewery

Photo: Getty Images

A former historic church in the East Village has been transformed into a craft beer tasting room, according to KGTV.

The Lost Abbey craft brewery's newest location is inside the 116-year-old building that was once a Mexican Presbyterian church but had become dilapidated.

According to KGTV, several years ago the Presbyterian church was moved 100 feet from its original location and $1 million was invested to fix up the building.

The tasting room, called The Church, opened in December.

"The reason it's called The Lost Abbey is because we never had a real church, or a real abbey building," brewery co-founder Tomme Arthur told KGTV. "But welcome to the new church and the new abbey, so now we're a found abbey."

Arthur envisions the tasting room becoming a neighborhood spot for residents in the tall apartment and condo buildings that surround it. He also hopes Padres fans will stop by for a drink before heading to Petco Park which is just a couple of blocks away.

Crews are currently working on an outdoor taco shack and an eating area next to the tasting room that is projected to be ready in time for baseball season.

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