College Bound San Diego Foster Youth Get Support & Resources, Just In Time

San Diego organization, Just in Time for Foster Youth is dedicated to providing transition-age foster youth with the resources and relationships needed to succeed in life. This month, the organization will help 75 local college students enter a caring community of peers, college graduates, staff, and volunteers committed to their educational success.

Through a program called College Bound, the students will receive laptops, printers, school and dorm supplies during “drivethrus” at Just in Time for Foster Youth (JIT) Distribution Centers. As a result of the COVID-19 pandemic addition, JIT is emphasizing the importance of online skills and adaptive learning to give their students the edge they need to be successful on any platform. JIT continues to strengthen its commitment to celebrating their participants’ success, helping them to navigate challenges and go the distance… all the way to graduation!

Even before COVID-19, young people like Samantha (a JIT College Bound program participant) faced unexpected emergencies and difficult challenges in pursuit of a college degree. Samantha knew the traditional statistics showing that young people like her, who had been impacted by foster care, had only a 3-6% chance of graduation as they faced a lack of critical resources and dependable relationships.

But that wasn’t going to stop her. Last year, Samantha had something new to count on. College Bound provided her with the practical tools that all students need to succeed, along with crucial information, essential resources, and key volunteers who act as guides, mentors, teachers, and confidants - just as a family member would.

With JIT's support, graduation and retention rates for the 712 participants of the program since it began in 2006, are at 80%. Many College Bound graduates feel they wouldn’t have succeeded without JIT's community of support at critical junctures.

About Just in Time for Foster Youth:

Since 2002, JIT has been dedicated to providing transition-age foster youth with the resources and relationships needed to succeed in life. JIT envisions a future in which every youth leaving the foster care system has access to a Community of caring adults after 18. The organization also believes that forging consistent, lasting relationships is the foundation for the success of youth so they can thrive and enjoy productive, satisfying lives.