The New Number One Issue in November: Roe v. Wade

With the Passing of Ruth Bader Ginsberg changing the power dynamics of our nation's highest court, Slater believes that Abortion will play a pivotal role not only in the confirmation hearings of her successor., but in November's election as well.

This week, Mike dedicated a large portion of his program to the Roe v Wade case. We've distilled it down to 3 podcasts that cover everything from the history of Roe v. Wade to a completely non-religious argument against abortion.

In the first podcast, Slater gives the backstory of the famed case and looks ahead to how it's ruling could be repealed.

The second delves into the actual text of the ruling itself, and what lead the justices to decide the way that they did.

Number three includes Mike's response to a listener who believes this is not an issue for men to discuss. In it, Mike makes his completely science based pro life argument .